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About us

Dioptra Turnov s.r.o. is an optical firm, which follows-up the century-old tradition of optical production in Turnov.

It is focused especially on 3 major areas of production and sales :

  1. Magnifying lenses – manual, standing and special ordered optical accessories, also for weak-eyed
  2. Optical products for industry, spectacle lenses and special ordered optical products
  3. Special ordered lights for health industry, industry and general applications 

Magnifying lenses represent a very wide range of goods – with diameters of lenses from 10 to      180 mm and magnification from 1,2x to 21,0x. Baroque magnifying lenses – gold plated with 24 carat gold – have exceptional design. Brinell measuring magnifying lenses with decimal scale are required for technical purposes. New types of magnifying lenses for cosmetic purposes and health industry are also interesting, as well as standing aplanatic magnifying lenses with lighting, which minimize eye fatigue during long-term work.

Optical products are represented by mineral spectacle lenses from our own production. The spectacle lenses are made in a wide spectrum ranging from single-focal lenses to multi-focal lenses with many different diameters and surface treatments. 

Treatment of aspheric condensers for the automotive industry represents a developing area. The same applies to the production of optical items for effect and lighting equipment, etc. Further to that, specially ordered optical products, which include prisms, flat plates, hardening of coverage and matt glasses, V-shaped glasses for instrument boards of airplanes, lenses to cameras and peep-holes to furnaces, colour filters, UV and IR filters, optical sensors, treatment of ball and plane surfaces from various materials.

Another area is the application of thin layers (anti-reflex, mirrors, filter etc.) of hardening and hydrophobic  layers  and  lens  colouring.

Lights are mainly of a special type and are tailored in a wide range of designs with halogen, xenon-halogen and fluorescent sources of light for health industry, industry, household and general application. The new items replacing normally used sources of light are the lights and lighting for magnifying lenses with LED chips. They feature high luminosity – close to daylight with selectable thermal chromatic level, cold nature of light, significant savings of electricity and manifold service life.

Dioptra Turnov s.r.o. offers products and services to its business partners and end customers with excellent quality and for good prices.

The activities of Dioptra Turnov s.r.o. include assistance to blind and weak-eyed citizens through the company Tyfloservis.